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Strictly speaking | Solastalgia


The suffix –algia comes from the Greek word meaning ‘pain’, and is normally used in medical terms that  categorise physical distress, as in myalgia (‘muscle pain’) and odontalgia (‘toothache’). By contrast, the less specialised word nostalgia refers to mental anguish, ...

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Strictly speaking | Connectography


This word owes its origin to one person’s creative thinking, in the title of Parag Khanna’s Connectography: Mapping the future of global civilization.  It was published less than a year ago (April 2016) along with a TED Talk, and with ...

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Young unis stride towards gender equity


Often it’s the young who embrace change earliest, and this could apply to universities. Of the 106 companies accredited in 2016 by the federal government’s Workplace Gender Equality Agency as Employers of Choice for Gender Equality, 14 are universities. Of ...

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Strictly speaking | Phubbing


Creating new words is an unpredictable business. How was Lewis Carroll to know that amongst the brillig, gimble and uffish of “Jabberwocky”, chortle would gain popular acceptance? Did we really need a new term for laughing? Advertising agency McCann thought ...

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Maths teaching drained by gender inequity, ageing: AMSI


Gender inequity will exacerbate shortages in the mathematical workforce caused by an ageing population, a new report from the Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute has warned. AMSI director professor Geoff Prince has quoted figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics that show ...

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On the Move | November 2016


PhD researches FOOTBALL, and plays it A PhD student from the Monash Biomedicine Discovery Institute, whose work could benefit football players, has been selected to play for Carlton in the first AFL Women’s League draft. Kate Gillespie-Jones was picked 14th among the ...

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Strictly Speaking | LUXED and LUSH


An international hotel advertisement in the Sydney Morning Herald invites readers to get luxed on a stopover in Singapore. Those old enough to remember the ubiquitous bar of Lux soap might wonder if this is just an upgrade on the ...

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