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Strictly speaking | BOOMLET

In the wake of the Brexit referendum and economic pessimism in Britain, an optimistic commentator in the EU-based Politico was forecasting a boomlet for financial consultants and lobbyists in London and Brussels. A boomlet? Is that a ‘real’ word or ...

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Don’t be cynical about gender equity

Research suggests staff cynicism about vice-chancellor pushes for gender equity could perpetuate inequity. Professor Isabel Metz, from the University of Melbourne’s Melbourne Business School, has gone into businesses and examined executives’ attitudes towards gender equity. She found many leaders are reluctant to publicly speak about the ...

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Strictly speaking | Yummy

New terms are constantly being created to label demographic groups, often by marketers wanting to target them. These terms are commonly formed using acronyms – as in the examples dinky (dual income no kids yet), kippers (kids in parents pockets ...

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Strictly Speaking | Zenware

The distractions that tempt us whenever we turn on a device with an internet connection are boundless. We’re immediately bombarded with an array of apps, email and Facebook notifications, advertising pop-ups and clickbait. This sensory overload is the motivation behind ...

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Science broadcaster appointed UNSW PVC research

One of the women spearheading the push for gender equity in science will soon direct the University of New South Wales’ research strategy. Professor Emma Johnston – marine ecologist, science broadcaster and prominent advocate for gender equity – will add ...

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Strictly speaking | bokeh

This unusual word was borrowed from Japanese less than 20 years ago for a special out-of-focus effect that up-to-date photographers may strive to achieve rather than avoid. In Japanese, the word is written as boke, but said with two-syllables (bow-kay) ...

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