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Academic leadership for a time of change

The higher education sector is going through significant changes. Universities are facing financial losses and shifts in their teaching and research funding. The changes are so significant that some in the sector suggest that the purpose of higher education needs ...

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Strictly speaking | Furlough

Lexicographers and linguists like to make graphs to show how the usage of words ebbs and flows. It’s a trivial comparison to make, but some of these charts showing recent trends have similarities to the graphics we’ve been seeing of ...

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Are STEM incentives paying off for women?

The federal government has poured millions into encouraging more women to enter careers in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM), but uncertainty remains about which – if any – of the programs are delivering results. This is what astrophysicist Professor ...

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Strictly speaking | Frugal(ista)

In its sense of “sparing”, frugal is not a new word, and it often works as a negative when applied to the amount of food on the table, as in a frugal meal. But Samuel Johnson’s C18 observation on the ...

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