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Published since 1991, Campus Review is Australia’s leading independent tertiary education print and digital content provider. Our widely respected journalists engage an audience of more than 120,000 people every month, delivering over 50,000 leads a year in an industry worth about $84 billion per annum. We are widely read by VCs, academia, researchers, professors, technical staff, heads of faculties and support staff. IBIS reports: “Through 2016–17, the education sector’s revenue is forecast to expand by 3.6% per annum, to a total of $100.6 billion.”

Our editorial team knows that if something you are engaged in now is relevant to our audience, it deserves to be in the magazine. And our commercial team are keen to work with you to maximise the effectiveness of any campaign you decide to run.

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With more than 20 podcasts weekly, Campus Review is at the forefront of education industry news, giving our readers the perfect opportunity to listen with ease and flexibility to news and information that is relevant to them. Our podcasts allow our team to communicate information directly and efficiently, therefore creating an intimate and personal connection with our audience. This connection increases loyalty to our publication, which is demonstrated by the high levels of engagement from our audience, which has over 5,000 plays per month.

Futureproof 2017 | 16 May
Technology, globalisation and an uncertain funding environment are among the biggest drivers of change in the higher education market. Online degrees and MOOCs are flourishing, while research grants are becoming more competitive, unemployment for recent graduates is rising to well over 30%, and degrees are expected to become increasingly expensive. Meanwhile, global competition for full-paying students is on the rise.

Future+Care Expo | 13 July 2017
Quality care later in life is a key concern for many Australians. The quality of care currently available is perceived by many to be in decline due to a number of forces: funding and investment in the sector, affordability, resourcing, an increasing skills shortage, a more informed clientele with higher expectations, and the current system not working.

Higher Equity + Diversity Summit | 9 August 2017
There is no denying that Australian universities have experienced profound change in recent times, with increased measurement of operational activities, a clearer business orientation and industrial forces at play. This summit will strive to dissect, debate and offer fresh perspectives on how the sector can achieve a more diverse workforce to the benefit of individual institutions and the community.

ProtectED | 7 September 2017
With increased focus on schools’ duty of care to students and their parents, now is the time for schools to demonstrate that good information governance is an ongoing priority.

Students and parents must know how their personal information is collected, how it is used, for what purpose and by whom.

Strategy 2027 | 17 August 2017
Readers of Aged Care Insite are well aware of the increasing demand for services across Australia and the related issues of a workforce unable to keep up with a rapidly aging population. Developing an efficient and sustainable industry should be a priority. An industry that supports a workforce which is inspired, skilled and valued, and that contributes to a high quality system that helps people age well, is the goal.

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