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Strictly Speaking | Dai gou

Dai gou pronounced “die go” means “surrogate shopping” in Chinese. It refers to an informal kind of supply chain by which trusted individuals buy and/or transport quantities of selected goods to resell in China or elsewhere, and avoid commercial taxes ...

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Strictly speaking | Exco

Acronyms are handy expressions for those who know what they stand for, and impossible for those who don’t. Exco encountered in a brief news report gives little away. Could it be a shortened form of excon (-vict/-fidence man)? Try making ...

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Strictly speaking | Hygge

The Danish word hygge, meaning ‘a sense of comfort that engenders  contentment’ has had various waves of popularity in the English-speaking world.  It was first recorded in the US in the 1960s to describe a general feeling of wellbeing. ‘Mindfulness’ might be a ...

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Strictly speaking | Get-up

This informal word has multiple senses – not all overlapping – depending on which dictionary you consult. They do agree on get-up being an unusual costume or outfit which draws attention to the wearer. “Get-up nights” are a suburban extravaganza ...

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