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Harvard may not go Greek for much longer

In popular culture, there’s nothing that signifies the American college experience more than fraternities and sororities. Now, perhaps America’s most famed university, Harvard, is considering banning them. In a recently-released 22-page report, a Harvard faculty committee has recommended that, from 2018, ...

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International graduates’ degrees working

International students are overwhelmingly satisfied with their study experience for good reason: Australian degrees make them highly employable. A survey of 3,800 international graduates by the Australian Universities International Directors’ Forum (AUIDF) has found, “That graduate employment trends for international graduates are comparable ...

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Academics cautiously welcome revised US travel ban

Although a US travel ban affecting citizens of six Muslim-majority nations has been partially reinstated, academics, who’ve been exempted, are relieved. This week, the US Supreme Court, in the process of granting a hearing date for the ban, lifted it ...

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In the dragon’s grip

Should we be concerned about China’s soft power approach to higher education? It seems that every week brings a new story about China’s expansion into global higher education. Having completely transformed its national system in a generation, China is increasingly ...

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Coming soon: Victoria University, India campus

Victoria University (VU) has had an eventful 2017 – and its only June. After slashing staff, and creating a separate teaching model for first years, a new research school and an academy for high-potential undergraduate students, they’re now opening a campus ...

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Influx of foreign students continues

Foreign students are flocking to our (mostly) sunny shores in increasing numbers, government data has revealed. In the first quarter of this year, international students increased by 15 per cent, to 480,092. A third were from China; followed by 11 ...

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