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The high cost of cuts

Reducing funding to universities will affect student support services, innovation, international education and tourism. Universities Australia, the peak body for Australian universities, has consistently resisted threats to university funding. Most recently, it articulated its concerns about the proposed Higher Education ...

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International students falling behind in employment

International students contribute $19 billion to the Australian economy every year, but only 34 per cent of workplaces are hiring them. In light of these figures, Melbourne-based startup Outcome.Life has launched a campaign to highlight the strengths of international students ...

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British Council rates our higher education

Our international student credentials are stellar, a British organisation has determined. The British Council, a quasi-governmental organisation specialising in international cultural and educational opportunities, ranked Australia equal best overall, alongside Hong Kong, the Netherlands, Malaysia and the UK. In their global education study, ...

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Skilled migrants not poaching local jobs: ACER

Everyone has probably heard something akin to the following from a taxi/Uber driver: ‘I worked as an engineer in India and now, here in Australia, the only job I can get is as a driver.’ A newly-released ACER research briefing ...

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Harvard may not go Greek for much longer

In popular culture, there’s nothing that signifies the American college experience more than fraternities and sororities. Now, perhaps America’s most famed university, Harvard, is considering banning them. In a recently-released 22-page report, a Harvard faculty committee has recommended that, from 2018, ...

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