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New education weekly review podcast launches

APN Educational Media is today debuting its new, as yet untitled, weekly review podcast. The new show will look at the nurturing and education of people from preschool age (EarlyLearningReview.com.au), through primary and high school (EducationReview.com.au) and into tertiary education (CampusReview.com.au). The ...

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Medical marijuana is already legal: researcher

Medical cannabis is already legal in Australia and has been for a while, a researcher from the University of Sydney has said. Clinical associate professor Nick Lintzeris, from USYD’s Lambert Initiative for research into cannabis-based therapeutics, said there is great ...

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Focus defence closer to home: policy expert

An Australian National University defence policy expert is calling on Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to reconfigure national defence priorities closer to home. Dr John Blaxland, senior fellow at ANU’s Strategic and Defence Studies Centre, said what happens in the immediate ...

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Arts and humanities called key to getting jobs

Arts and humanities degrees are more valuable for getting graduates jobs than purely technical degrees, a humanities advocacy group has said. Statistics from Graduate Careers Australia show that rates of graduate employment have been steadily declining in recent years – decreasing ...

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