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Fish and microbeads study becomes fishier

Did you or someone you know shun microbeads, common in skin exfoliants, last year? If so, it was probably due to a widely-reported study, published in esteemed journal Science, that found these tiny plastic particles harmed damselfish larvae. Now, following ...

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Scientists lack consensus on the March for Science

In 2017, vaccines are falsely linked to autism; homeopaths make millions of dollars from snake-oil treatments they claim can cure cancer; and Scott Pruitt, a climate change denier, heads the US Environmental Protection Agency. These facts paint a dystopian picture ...

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Political leaning predicts science bias

Small ‘l’ liberals are drawn to blue-sky research, while conservatives are interested in applied science, new research has concluded. The study, Millions of online book co-purchases reveal partisan differences in the consumption of science, published in the journal Nature Human ...

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Publish or perish a minor issue, research reveals

A meta-analysis of research literature has thrown into question the commonly held assumption that science exists in a culture of ‘publish or perish’. Meta-assessment of bias in science, published in the journal PNAS, found “little evidence” that biases in scientific ...

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