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Data leak hits nearly 20k Tasmania uni students

Personal information belonging to almost 20,000 University of Tasmania students was mistakenly made public for more than five months due to security settings being configured incorrectly. Affected students were informed of the breach on Monday, which made their data available ...

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The hemorrhaging of Australia’s university sector

Australian universities are set for what might be the most calamitous academic year of their institutional lives, according to Business Insider Australia. Having hedged their bets on the reliability of the international student market for some time now, COVID-19 and ...

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Push for students to work on farms

Fruit and vegetables could become more expensive unless critical labour shortages are filled, with young Australians being urged to pick up the slack. Under a bipartisan push for school leavers and university students to take a gap year at home, ...

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Broken ladders? Why Rhodes snubs rankings

Rhodes University in South Africa doesn’t throw its own hat in the rankings ring – but that doesn’t mean you can’t find it there. Drawing on publicly available data, many rankings bodies slot its name into their league tables, possibly ...

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Universities want proposed reforms changed

Australia's top universities are shaking their heads at the federal government's proposed reforms, saying they will lead to lower quality education. Group of Eight chair Margaret Gardner says the changes need "significant amendments". "We would have preferred a longer and ...

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