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Scientists test Loch Ness for monster DNA

Scientists who have completed a DNA investigation of the waters of Loch Ness have said that one theory about its fabled monster “remains plausible”. The global team of scientists, led by Professor Neil Gemmell, used environmental DNA (eDNA) sampling of ...

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Trump not losing sleep over USyd report

US President Donald Trump has shrugged off a University of Sydney-based think tank’s warning China could wipe out almost all American, allied and partner bases, airstrips, ports and military installations in the western Pacific in the opening hours of a ...

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Unis reliance on foreign students questioned

Federal Education Minister Dan Tehan has downplayed concerns Australian universities are relying too heavily on international students, putting them at risk of crumbling financially. Analysis by the Centre for Independent Studies has looked at seven Australian universities that rely heavily on ...

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Visa fast-track for top talent ‘a win for everyone’

The government will fast-track visas for 5000 industry leaders every year as part of a global headhunting program. Immigration Minister David Coleman announced details of the Global Talent Independent program this week. Coleman said the goal of the program was to identify ...

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Platypus decline underestimated: study

The decline in platypus numbers has likely been underestimated, according to research from the University of NSW. The study, which examined data on the species from the past 258 years and compared it with recent data, was published in Global ...

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Should Australians need a licence to parent?

Parental licensing has long been mulled over by academic philosophers and political scientists, but a social work researcher says the idea is fraught with problems. James Cook University’s Dr Frank Ainsworth reviewed international studies on parental licensing – the idea ...

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