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Smartphones guide students through university


Most people with smartphones receive push notifications, whether they be for Facebook, news alerts or even messages from dating apps. And according to Brent Stafford, director of the Asia Pacific branch of HERE – a map software developing company – ...

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Broderick to review JCU’s sexual assault policies

Former sex discrimination commissioner Elizabeth Broderick. Photo: Australian Human Rights Commission

James Cook University has appointed former sex discrimination commissioner Elizabeth Broderick to lead a review of the institution’s sexual assault and harassment policies, after a staff member who raped a student was promoted following the incident. The review will look ...

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RMIT and ABC revive Fact Check

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has his facts checked. Photo: ABC.

The ABC’s Fact Check unit has returned, with the help of RMIT University, to ensure the facts that public figures cite are not ‘alternative’ but plain old truth. From March, the RMIT ABC Fact Check will do what it did ...

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