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Fight to save habitat trees at UNE

Students at the University of New England have reacted strongly against the decision to remove 78 native trees from the campus, and are calling for the demolition to cease immediately. Contractors began removing the first of the trees on January 8, ...

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UNSW tackles gender imbalance

The University of New South Wales aims to smash gender imbalance in engineering by bringing the number of females enrolled in the degree up to 30 per cent by 2020. As part of the initiative, more than 100 girls from ...

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Employment prospects high for health grads

Medicine and health graduates are the most likely to find employment, a new report has found, while those who study creative arts, psychology, humanities or communications are at the bottom of the employment ladder. The figures come from the 2017 Graduate ...

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New plan aims to build rural workforce

Education institutions need to ensure that more medical students come from rural backgrounds, or are required to complete training in rural areas, the Australian Medical Association (AMA) says. The proposal forms part of a document released today, which puts forward ...

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Graduates don’t rate degrees important for jobs

Contention surrounds the latest Employer Satisfaction Survey, which has put the importance of university degrees into question. The Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching survey released today revealed that while employers remain highly satisfied with graduates, at least half of ...

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QUT professor Australian University Teacher of the Year

Queensland University of Technology Professor Peter Corke has been honoured with the Australian University Teacher of the Year award for his instruction in robotics. The prestigious award acknowledges an Australian academic who has an exceptional record in student teaching, educational ...

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