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‘Gamechanger’: OpenAI launches ChatGPT4

OpenAI has released a powerful new version of artificial intelligence program ChatGPT, capable of passing the US bar exam and coding entire video games within minutes.  GPT-4, launched March 17, is similar to its predecessor in that it uses generative ...

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Govt directs $400 million to medical research

University researchers will investigate the effects vaping on teenagers and launch a 'world first' trial to help treat drug-resistant epilepsy as part of the latest funding round for medical research. Through its Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF), the Australian government ...

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Strictly speaking | Algiarism

No reader of Campus Review, or indeed anyone working in higher education, can have missed the anxiety about the fresh potential for plagiarism created by the recently-released software ChatGPT. Of course there’s now a new word for this type of ...

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