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Griffith uni halfway to its $125m philanthropy goal

Queensland's Griffith University says its under-the-radar $125m philanthropy campaign is on track to reach its goal by next year, in time for the university’s 50th anniversary. The university launched the campaign, A Brighter Future for All, last October after running ...

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PhD program open for 2024 applications

Round three applications for the Australian government's National Industry PhD Program encouraging research co-design between universities and industry are now open. The program was built in response to university research delivering knowledge and innovation opportunities to the industries PhD candidates ...

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Students tell parliament how to prepare for AI

Rapid developments in artificial intelligence mean the key skills that need to be taught by the education system are curiosity, adaptability, and critical and analytical thinking, according to two University of Technology Sydney students who gave evidence to a parliamentary committee on ...

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USyd partners with ed-tech service HEX

The University of Sydney (USyd) has partnered with ed-tech company HEX, which will offer short courses to address digital skills gaps in students, and act as a stepping stone into higher education or employment. The partnership will see university credit ...

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