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Trump 2024? Aussie experts weigh in

Donald Trump would have a good shot at becoming US President again if he nabbed the Republican nomination for the 2024 election – but he might end up being banned before he gets the chance to throw his red hat ...

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Science chief clears up Oxford-AstraZeneca confusion

One of Australia’s top scientists has tackled “significant misunderstandings” about the effectiveness of AstraZeneca’s coronavirus vaccine. Professor John Shine is urging people to be aware of misinformation on social media and instead listen to advice from health departments, chief medical ...

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Course correcting vaccine misinformation

With Australia's timeline for COVID-19 vaccination shifting, talk has again turned to those opposed to jabs of any kind. And a Queensland academic is hoping to help boost vaccination rates across the country with the world’s first Massive Open Online ...

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Strictly speaking | Exco

Acronyms are handy expressions for those who know what they stand for, and impossible for those who don’t. Exco encountered in a brief news report gives little away. Could it be a shortened form of excon (-vict/-fidence man)? Try making ...

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Reimagining… university: opinion

The pandemic has driven change at an unprecedented pace and shown that we learn and adapt quickly to adversity. Now is the time to build on these insights and reimagine the university of the very-near future.

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