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We need humanities students, business leaders say

Business leaders told a forum that industry still needs humanities graduates. Business Council of Australia chief executive Jennifer Westacott said many people in Western countries are anxious, disengaged and frustrated, and now “question globalisation, migration, innovation and the value and virtues ...

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Could exams be as stressful as bear attacks?

What’s more stressful, end-of-year university exams or a bear attack? Common sense would suggest the latter, but one educational expert has said some students find exams so nerve-racking that the stress response triggered in a test setting is similar to ...

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LinkedIn lists top 10 in-demand skills

Students are among the fastest-growing demographics flocking to LinkedIn, and the social network has unveiled the top 10 skills their potential employers are seeking. LinkedIn pieced together this list by analysing all the recruitment activity on the site from January to September this year. The employment networking ...

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Pearson pinpoints top traits of effective educators

A good teacher must be an expert in their subject matter, but at least four other traits may be even more important. A survey of Australian students, parents, teachers, administrators and policymakers has revealed their ideas about the most important characteristics of an effective ...

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UQ scientists help inspire school science teachers

A University of Queensland workshop has aimed to help teachers from 15 regional Queensland high schools become better at teaching science by linking them with university researchers. The teachers worked with the scientists for a week, investigating cancer cell biology. ...

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