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The pushback against overseas students

International education is facing an uncertain future. In unprecedented ways, study destination nations around the globe are addressing the community impact of tuition-fee-paying international students. Whether it be Theresa May’s policy of counting all overseas students as migrants, Donald Trump ...

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IRU says demand-driven uni system working

On the fifth anniversary of the demand-driven university quota system, introduced by Julia Gillard’s Labor government, there are mixed feelings about its efficacy. On the one hand, Conor King, executive director of the Innovative Research Universities (IRU), claims it’s a ...

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Leadership, now that’s a good idea

Higher education management seems to have moved away from the basic idea of helping students successfully complete their courses.  I gave a little speech the other day on leadership in higher education. Much of it was pretty standard stuff until ...

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End of the line

Columnist Richard Hil takes a look at what can happen if academics are pushed too far by endless change and mounting regulation After years of complaining bitterly about excessive workloads, stress, over-regulation, diminished status and poor pay compared to workers ...

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When adjustment is the only way forward

These days, an ever-important concept in the lexicon of the Prime Minister is the term “structural adjustment”. She often alludes to the structural adjustment that is required for the nation as it comes to grips with the government putting a ...

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A group of our own

How do Australia’s universities experience the changes that are sweeping through the higher education sector? Differently, no doubt. Despite a common university mission of teaching, research and service, it is a diverse sector with a variety of institutional histories, geographies ...

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