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Work and study, it’s all academic

The raising of standards for vocational studies seems a good idea to some but may make them less accessible.  I have no understanding why it is so. Perhaps it is because we have two arms, two legs, two eyes, two ...

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Relax, we have been here before

When it comes to mergers, unis and TAFEs can calm their nerves by looking at the absorbtion of colleges 25 years ago, writes Stuart Middleton. In discussions it is all very well to know were you want to end up ...

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No evidence of improving engagement

Student disengagement is growing and there is no improvement in sight, writes Stuart Middleton. Over the next week or 10 days the great education machine of Australian schools grinds into action again for another year. In about 9,500 schools, 184,000 ...

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Unis are charming suitors

Talented but unsuspecting VET is being dazzled by the promises of a brighter future, only to be let down by unrealistic expectations, writes Stuart Middleton. It is becoming a recurring theme - the magnetic pull of VET into the all-embracing ...

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Be proud of the blue-collar past

I have been intrigued recently at the emergence of a theme in the discussions of TAFE in Australia over recent months. From my perspective it seems to centre on one thing: a quest for esteem for those engaged in TAFE ...

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Education invisible in NZ election

New Zealand is in the grips of a general election that is anything but gripping. It is a case of general election interruptis as it all had to go on hold while we dealt with the Rugby World Cup. Some ...

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