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When adjustment is the only way forward

These days, an ever-important concept in the lexicon of the Prime Minister is the term “structural adjustment”. She often alludes to the structural adjustment that is required for the nation as it comes to grips with the government putting a ...

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Arts programs forgotten in funding review

These are disciplines which have many unique costs. These costs are difficult to minimise, particularly when professional pedagogy dictates that unique spaces and facilities are essential writes David Battersby. Admist the frenetic activity and debate about the Lomax-Smith base funding ...

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Fees a fault line in model VET system

Skills reform in Victoria still a work-in-progress writes David Battersby In his piece on Victoria exempts apprentices from up-skilling rule (Campus Review, 27 September), John Ross is probably premature in postulating that this measure may get the community on side ...

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The decade of higher education reviews

The importance of the Bradley review can’t be denied. But recommendations from two previous reviews have simply blown away in the political breeze, says David Battersby. The final report of the Bradley review of higher education is now with the ...

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