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End of the line – the perils of listomania

Senior lecturer in cultural studies, Dr Peter Rank, is meeting with the campus counsellor to discuss the former’s obsession with lists. Counsellor [With deep concern]: So Peter, how’s it going? Peter [Downcast]: Well, yeah, I was doing alright. Counsellor: The ...

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End of the Line: Hail Emperor Spendus Maximus

In sombre mood, a determined Emperor Spendus Maximus enters the cavernous hall of the Senate to address a disgruntled throng of senators gathered before him. As he approaches the lectern upon which is emblazoned the motto of the Falsus Empire ...

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Bring out the new China, dear

Vice-chancellor of Sellquick University, Helen McPackage, head of marketing, David Doit, and head of political science, Professor Bill Pullnopunch, are having an excited discussion about how Sellquick might benefit from the increased demand in China.

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Daddy, when I grow up I want to be a professor

Dr David Crabmunch is putting his 7-year-old son Josh to bed. Crabmunch has had a particularly gruelling day at his local university, where he works in the School of Behavioral Sciences, specialising in the sociology of emotions. Richard Hil writes.

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End of the line

Columnist Richard Hil takes a look at what can happen if academics are pushed too far by endless change and mounting regulation After years of complaining bitterly about excessive workloads, stress, over-regulation, diminished status and poor pay compared to workers ...

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