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A blessing from the sky for Curtin researchers

Curtin University researchers got a late Christmas present from the heavens, recovering a meteorite from outback South Australia on New Year’s Eve. Planetary geologist professor Phil Bland had to dig the meteorite out of a 42cm-deep hole in the salt bed of Lake Eyre ...

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For mosquitoes, love hertz

James Cook University researchers have discovered that sex sells – even for mosquitoes. Brian Johnson, senior research officer at JCU’s School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine, and JCU professor Scott Ritchie, dengue fever expert, have set out to make a cheap ...

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Australia adds another dinosaur to its collection

University of Queensland researchers have made Australia's latest discovery of a species of dinosaur. Kunbarrasaurus ieversi (Kunbarrasaurus) is an ankylosaurus, a four-legged herbivore closely related to stegosaurs. This newly determined species had a parrot-like beak and an inner ear like a ...

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ANU tops research excellence rankings

The Australian National University has topped the Excellence in Research Australia rankings, amid a strong showing nationwide. The ERA results, compiled by the Australian Research Council and released today, showed 95 per cent of ANU's broad-field research was rated above ...

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Unis don’t collaborate effectively, expert says

Universities don’t lack innovation, they just don’t share knowledge with one another effectively, the leader of a US network of universities has said. As a consequence, universities frequently double up on research, Bridget Burns said. Burns is executive director of the ...

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