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Eureka! Einstein’s gravitational waves found

Scientists said they had, for the first time, detected gravitational waves, ripples in space and time hypothesised by physicist Albert Einstein a century ago. The landmark discovery opens a new window for studying the cosmos. Researchers said on Thursday they detected gravitational ...

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Master’s thesis goes down the toilet, happily

A University of New South Wales student has used the toilet seat to marry two of his passions in a master's of philosophy thesis – architecture and altruism. Nick Papas partnered with the Sago Network to research how to rollout low-cost, eco-friendly toilets ...

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‘Bionic spinal cord’ heads for human trials

A device implanted in a brain blood vessel may one day enable people with spinal cord injuries to walk again, University of Melbourne researchers have announced. Limbs wouldn't be reactivated, but the person's direct thought might be able to control equipment ...

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Nose spray relieves childbirth pain: study

Women may soon be able to use a nasal spray for pain relief during childbirth following successful trials by an Australian midwifery researcher. The nasal spray analgesic drug, fentanyl, was shown to be just as effective in relieving labour pain ...

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Site of 10,000-year-old massacre found in Kenya

Scientists have made the grim discovery of a 10,000-year-old massacre site on the shores of a Kenyan lake. The Cambridge University-led expedition recovered 12 skeletons, of men and women, at Nataruk near Lake Turkana. Some skeletons had their skulls crushed, ...

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