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Young workers can be cyber risk: SA study

Young tech-savvy workers are more likely to risk computer security systems than their less impulsive older colleagues, an Adelaide researcher says. A University of Adelaide study into different personality traits and computer behaviours says younger tech-savvy employees are more likely ...

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Parents misjudge kids’ weight: study

Many parents misjudge their child's weight which can result in them doing nothing to help their kids become healthy. A study published in the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health surveyed 4437 WA based parents seeking perceptions about their children's weight. ...

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Australia divided on climate change causes

A majority of Australians agree climate change is happening, but their reason seems to depend on the political party they support. A five-year survey of almost 17,500 Australians by the CSIRO found that 78 per cent believed the earth's climate ...

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