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‘Study drug’ use under the microscope

Queensland researchers are aiming to lift the lid on Australian university students’ use of so called ‘study drugs’ in an effort to provide a clearer local picture of an issue said to already be commonplace in the US. Led by University of ...

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Male koalas get loud in mating season

Male koalas seeking sex get all shouty and spread out, partly to reduce competition from the other males. Bellowing seems to prevent fights between the males, as well as letting females know exactly who they are in the breeding season, ...

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ABC program may be driving reduced statin use

The ABC’s controversial program reporting that the benefits of reductase inhibitors – better known as statins – for heart disease were grossly overstated led to more than 60,000 Australians ceasing or reducing their use of the drugs, new research has ...

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Boozy Facebook posts linked to binge drinking

Facebook posts depicting exaggerated alcohol use could influence the drinking habits for young people, according to new research from the University of Sydney. The study reveals that exaggerated ‘boozy’ Facebook profiles are exacerbating drinking habits in young people, but correcting ...

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Jail time leads to homelessness: research

Jail time and homelessness go hand-in-hand, new research shows. A survey of 1400 Australians who were homeless, or at risk of it, found 42 per cent had been released from prison, juvenile detention or remand within the preceding six months. ...

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Don’t take this news sitting down

A half-hour at the gym doesn’t cut it if you’re sedentary the rest of the day, researcher says. By James Wells A University of the Sunshine Coast student is urging her colleagues to get up off their seats for the ...

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