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ADHD linked to a trajectory of disadvantage

University of Queensland researchers have linked ADHD and conduct disorder (CD) to a trajectory of disadvantage, as these children are more likely to drop-out of high school and not enrol in tertiary education. A study published in the Journal of ...

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Islamophobes know little of Islam, research finds

The preliminary findings of a Deakin University study suggest that the key to fighting Islamophobia is teaching people about Islam. The preliminary findings of the Muslims and Islamic Religiosity in the West research project included 57 per cent of 304 survey responses ...

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Open-source research makes Ebola, Zika cures more likely

It sounds like a conspiracy theory, but research into deadly diseases often doesn’t get funding because pharmaceutical companies can’t make money out of it. This includes work on cures for malaria, Ebola and the Zika virus. That’s the blunt statement from University ...

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Nature Research simplifies science on new website

Nature Research, the publishing group behind the prestigious scientific journal Nature, has launched a website to make complex science accessible to the general public.  The npj Science of Learning Community website was launched in collaboration with the University of Queensland. It aims to make ...

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USQ ecologist withdraws conference keynote after backlash

A University of Southern Queensland ecologist has withdrawn from his scheduled keynote presentation from a conservation conference, following outrage from animal rights activists. Dr Ben Allen, who’s made headlines for arguing that wild dog carcasses should be exported to Asian countries, ...

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