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Mixed marriages a merger of equals

The world of education is a funny place. It remains one of the last bastions of the struggle between the classes - only in this instance it is the struggle between academic and vocational. In Canberra, a decision has been ...

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Tongue-tied by language

One of the exciting and challenging ways in which New Zealand and Australia has changed over the past 50 or so years has been the explosive flowering of linguistic diversity in our communities. This change has been an uneasy one ...

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NZ and Australia need closer education ties

International Education might well have a much stronger brand were it an Australasian brand rather than two separate brands, both of them with their own issues. Since the early 1980s New Zealand and Australia have had a formal agreement to ...

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Seamless educational journey a must

In the world of DIY there are products which allow you to deal with gaps as they appear or even in new work to maintain those continuous lines and surfaces that lead to a quality finish. Continuity of progress is ...

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