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Cloud-based benefits


Online learning will continue to transform many industries, and global education is no exception; here are seven ways the sector is going to change. Cloud-based computing is transforming education at every level, particularly higher education, where students around the world ...

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Offshore surge


In 2014, international enrolment and commencements bounced back strongly from recent declines. The depreciation of the Australian dollar and stability around student visa policy has been credited for a spike in the growth rate of international student enrolments and commencements. ...

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Pieces of a year


At the start of 2014 the international education sector had high hopes for positive policy reform. One year down the track, it’s good to report that our issues have gained the ear of government decision-makers. The jury is still out, ...

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Overseas students not bigger cheaters, CISA says


International students say recent reports of academic fraud involving companies charging fees to complete assignments have unfairly tarnished them. Council of International Students Australia (CISA) president Thomson Ch’ng said most reports gave the impression that international students were driving demand for such services, when ...

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China FTA – for the win!


Universities say higher education will be one of the big winners in Australia and China’s historic free trade agreement (FTA), which includes frameworks that will expand mutual recognition of qualifications between the two countries. As part of the deal, finalised yesterday in ...

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Help them experience work


Today’s overseas students are eager for employment opportunities; Australian institutions must do more to give these consumers what they need. By Phil Honeywood Since the financial crisis of 2007–08, a new type of mobility has become a key feature around ...

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World of partnerships


The maturation of global arrangements is creating greater opportunities than ever for Australian institutions. By Phil Honeywood Australian colleges, by and large, make excellent global partners. The foundation for this was laid over a century ago by Australians’ strong belief ...

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ESOS proposals target red tape


A proposed overhaul of laws governing the delivery of services to international students could slash red tape and bureaucracy. Earlier this year, a review of the Education Services for Overseas Students Act (ESOS) sought initial consultation with peak professional bodies and government quality ...

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$16.5m to fund overseas study


Internships in the US House of Representatives or Senate, health work in Vietnam, and working with rescued orangutans in Indonesia are just a few of the opportunities flagged for Australian students under a new $16.5 million federal government initiative. Announced ...

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