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Work conditions, visas and accommodation were hot topics at the recent CISA conference. Another Council of International Students Australia (CISA) annual conference has just concluded. More than 200 international students and industry stakeholders spent three days in Adelaide this July, ...

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Recruiting still takes human touch


When researching their tertiary education futures, prospective students still value human contact as highly as any information or online resource, a new study has revealed. Students Online: Global Trends, which US-based university ratings service TopUniversities.com released last week, was based on ...

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Uni-flavoured Commonwealth Games

Cameron McEvoy

Such was the dominance of Griffith University students and alumni at the Commonwealth Games that at one stage of competition the institution was able to brag that if it were its own country, it would be fourth in the medal ...

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International education: the future is bright


Government reforms to higher education could see a new reliance on attracting international students. By Erin Mayo. International business students could be the key to survival for some universities in the wake of the federal government’s higher education reforms, found a ...

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Cures for culture shock


Let’s take a look at how Australia prepares incoming and outgoing students for life in a new country. By Phil Honeywood. Global mobility has become a key feature of the current generation of students. Within mobility programs a great deal ...

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Fretting over fees


VC warns of possible rise in costs for foreign and domestic students. By Dallas Bastian. Universities could look to increase international student fees so they can charge the domestic cohort more as well, one industry leader warns. University of Wollongong ...

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Foreign students still wary of Australia

silhouette man alley

Survey finds perceptions of racism, safety concerns shape students’ opinions. By Antonia Maiolo. International students are concerned about their safety and believe they are not welcome in Australia, a new survey shows. The study found that safety and Australia’s attitude ...

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To the call of new voices


The internationalisation of higher education has been driven by the developed world, but a recent event marked a chance for emerging nations to steer the conversation. By Helen Zimmerman. In mid-January this year, there was a seminal meeting of international ...

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Keep accounting in the good books


The AWPA’s arguments for removing the profession from the Skilled Occupation List ignore many factors that drive the labour market. By Phil Honeywood . The Australian Workforce and Productivity Agency (AWPA) recently concluded another round of consultations about whether the ...

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What’s in it for Australia? Plenty.


The backlash against working holiday and tourist visas is short-sighted. By Phil Honeywood. Recent negative media attention concerning working holiday visas overlooks the crucial role different visa categories play in our international education sector. Before critics get too carried away ...

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