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Hotcourses sale nets British politician £14 million

UK Health Secratary Jeremy Hunt, who will be earning a lot of money from the Hotcourses sale. Photo: Facebook.

International student recruitment firm IDP Education has acquired Hotcourses Group for £30.1 million ($48.6 million), resulting in a payout of £14.4 million ($23.2 million) for UK health secretary Jeremy Hunt. Hotcourses Group owns several sites that allow prospective students to ...

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International students trickle into UK, flood into US


International students are still heading to the UK but are coming to the US in droves, according to an expert analysis of international student data. Dr Rahul Choudaha, chief executive and principal researcher of higher education consultancy DrEducation, crunched the numbers from ...

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Student accommodation industry boom predicted


Student accommodation website student.com, has predicted a boom in the Australian purpose-built student housing industry, which is woefully undersupplied. Purpose-built student accommodation refers to housing built specifically for students. Bede Moore, student.com’s head of growth and partnerships Australia, said this accommodation type ...

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International student numbers grow, again


Federal Education Department data, released today at the Australian International Education Conference, revealed that international student numbers have grown by 11 per cent since last year. Steve Nerlich, director of the Education Department’s international research and analysis unit, said there are ...

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The five stages of Brexit grief


It is difficult to imagine a group of people more stricken by the UK’s vote to leave the EU than the 5200 people from 80 countries who assembled for the recent European Association for International Education (EAIE) conference. Laura Howard, ...

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Quirk hurts CSU drop-out rates in federal stats

Charles Sturt University.

A data aberration has caused Charles Sturt University to be misrepresented in the latest federal Education Department statistics. These figures reported that almost half of the university’s international students drop out in their first year. The Education Department’s Selected Higher Education ...

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