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The Blog Rankings: Research crosses language barriers

Originally conceived by Macquarie University applied linguistics professor Ingrid Piller as a way for her PhD students to form a community, the Language on the Move Blog [www.languageonthemove.com] now attracts 1000 visitors a day from around the world. Many of ...

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Holidays for everyone

Why would someone who can’t see want to go on holiday? Or someone who is deaf? What’s the point of travelling somewhere if you’re going to be in a wheelchair? Surely disabled people just stay home all the time anyway? ...

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A brave new world of blogging

The debate over climate change can get uncivilised fast and nowhere is this more evident than online, where the comments on a blog can go from “I disagree with this” to “You are worse than Hitler” in the blink of ...

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Blog Rankings – online and out there first

If you are an academic in a fast moving field such as communications or media, there’s no substitute for publishing your work online, says Dr Axel Bruns, an associate professor at Queensland University of Technology’s Creative Industries Faculty.  Bruns has ...

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The blog rankings – academic English

Reading and writing are basic skills required for university but for many first-year students the jump to academic English can be something of a shock. High HSC marks in maths and science might not translate to an ease with the ...

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We are what we speak

When only a handful of people speak a language, attracting attention can be difficult. The Endangered Languages Blog, run by Professor Jane Simpson, a linguistics lecturer at ANU, and several of her colleagues around the country attempts to address that. ...

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