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Time for universities to rethink and reinvent

As universities navigate their way through a period of unprecedented change, it may be time for them to embrace proven business management approaches. By Marc Englaro. After a decade of relative stability, the tertiary education sector has entered an uncertain ...

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Online lectures now streaming 24/7

With India alone forecast to need an extra 2400 universities over the next 25 years, the demand for e-learning must cause a rapid expansion of services. Changes in technology, including 3D lecturers beamed live into student homes via holographic know-how, ...

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Deakin staff grapple with IT cuts

A number of employees at Deakin University are reporting that they have been left to struggle with computer problems and dealing with such technology as video-conferencing following a restructure of information technology services. The National Tertiary Education Union said staff ...

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Look, no hands!

The concept of driverless cars may sound like science fiction, but researchers say autonomous vehicles may soon hit our roads.  Imagine a world, in which your car would drive you from point A to B. You wouldn’t have to fret ...

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Able to leap giant problems

Researchers are excited at the prospect of using Australia’s first supercomputer The Australian National University will be home to the nation’s first supercomputer, which will provide much greater computational services to the research community. The petascale supercomputer will be used ...

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Modern chaplains must embrace the changing world

Multi-faith campuses and new technology offer real challenges. There is a rich history associated with university chaplaincy, which has evolved into a unique profession with its own identity and skills. This vocation continues to expand and diversify, with a growing ...

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