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Getting back up after a disaster

Lessons have been learnt after the Queensland floods with IT managers looking at cloud computing and shared storage. Beverley Head reports. One in seven Australian businesses don’t spend a red cent on disaster recovery or business continuity, and more than ...

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Relax, we have been here before

When it comes to mergers, unis and TAFEs can calm their nerves by looking at the absorbtion of colleges 25 years ago, writes Stuart Middleton. In discussions it is all very well to know were you want to end up ...

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IT chiefs tighten belts

Campuses are adapting to the lean times by networking and even sharing resources with nearby institutions. Large organisations across Australia will increase their IT budgets by just 1.9 per cent this year – a figure that won’t match inflation. The situation ...

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Technology spending set to rise

Increasingly tight budgets mean that spending on technology will be constrained in the education sector over the next 12 months according to leading IT analyst Gartner. But from 2013-2015 the organisation expects a significant uptick, particularly spending on telecommunications and ...

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Will the internet kill universities?

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates recently described universities as an endangered species. The university’s traditional role as creator, curator and distributor of knowledge is under direct threat from the internet. This is a profound challenge for an institution that pre-dates almost ...

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Filling the gap in online education

There is evidence in current literature describing how institutions have, in many instances, been slow to adopt properly resourced and supported online teaching endeavours (eg: (DiPaola, Dorosh, & Brandt, 2004; Hannon, 2008), and how time poor teachers often feel resentful ...

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Is it time to update your on-line status?

Last week Lindsay Tanner (vice-chancellor's fellow at Victoria University) wrote that: The students of tomorrow will be born digital: they'll have known nothing else but the web 2.0 world. They'll want to be entertained as they learn. They'll demand instant ...

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Putting on your best social face

Facebook will break the one billion-user barrier sometime in 2012. It already has more than 800 million people signed up and not surprisingly university populations are among the most enthusiastic adopters of Facebook and other social media tools. But the ...

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