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Why social media is the new political barometer

After the dust settled from the Coalition’s upset win on the weekend, conversation quickly turned to how inaccurate the country’s major opinion polls had been. Throughout the election campaign Labor consistently led the Coalition 51:49; at the time Morrison took ...

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The uneconomic case for fine arts departments

Think of a famous sculpture. Are you picturing Michelangelo’s David or Rodin's The Thinker? Or perhaps you’re more of a modernist, and you’re imagining Jeff Koons’ Balloon Dog or Maman by Louise Bourgeois. For art students, however, Alex Martinis Roe’s To Become ...

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Universities “not rolling in gold”: IRU

Conor King, executive director of the Innovative Research Universities (IRU), wants the government to know that universities aren't as cashed up as many assume. Also, he contends, the government's other presumptions on which university funding plans are based are false. For example, although ...

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Political leaders at mercy of their ‘gang’

The rise and fall of Australian political leaders is less perplexing when viewed through the sociological lenses that have studied the inner workings of street gangs. The analogy might be an unfortunate reflection of our political system, but it’s one ...

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Universities told to get voters’ attention

Australia’s dominant political parties are in a “race to the bottom” when it comes to funding the higher education sector, which needs to start publicising its importance to society – and the economy, a conference in Sydney has heard. Vicki Thomson, ...

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