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How to intern like a boss, from a podcast

Hamish began his editorial internship at The Herald Sun "very tired" on a New Year's Day. His first task? To approach strangers on the street and ask them if they had already broken their New Year's resolutions. Surprisingly to some, ...

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Hope and ambition collide at STEM careers fair

Rihanna’s latest hit reverberated around the brick atrium of the National Innovation Centre, home to Cicada Innovations. The reason for the hip beats? 'Emerge': Cicada and government department UrbanGrowth NSW’s inaugural STEM careers expo. Backpack-clad students wandered from booth to ...

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New mode for students on the move

  Bishop’s New Colombo Plan is more than just another name for AsiaBound. By Phil Honeywood In any new government, departmental restructures, rebadging of programs and new names stamped on policy initiatives are inevitable. This may well be the manner ...

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New subject strengthens link to internships

 Bond University has launched its new subject to prepare students for the workplace and is already getting some good feedback.  The Bond University Professional Practice Program (BUPPP) originated from the need to create a subject for students to undertake in ...

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Medical students take expertise offshore

Valuable foreign medical students are being deterred from Australian study by anxiety about the graduate internship bottleneck, says global migration researcher, Professor Lesleyanne Hawthorne. Professor Hawthorne is associate dean international at the University of Melbourne’s Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and ...

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