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Students tell parliament how to prepare for AI

Rapid developments in artificial intelligence mean the key skills that need to be taught by the education system are curiosity, adaptability, and critical and analytical thinking, according to two University of Technology Sydney students who gave evidence to a parliamentary committee on ...

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AI best practice, the Accord, and HED

Since last November, the two focuses of higher education practitioners, leaders and commentators, have been the sector review of the interim report of the Australian Universities Accord, and the potential effects of artificial intelligence (AI). Both have also been a ...

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The AI revolution in higher education: opinion

Generative artificial intelligence is a growing branch of AI which helps with generating new and original content. ChatGPT, the word-of-mouth generative AI these days, is a language model created by Open AI that uses algorithms to produce human-like answers to ...

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The next step: the assignment marking bot?

Amazing new AI bots are now able to convincingly write cogent academic essays and assist in penning other student assignment tasks. The release of OpenAI’s ChatGPT has caused consternation in a higher education environment already struggling to sustain its own ...

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Who decides who dies in driverless car accidents?

At least 11 auto manufacturers, including Toyota, Audi and Tesla, are putting driverless car plans in motion. With soon-to-be robot drivers comes the need to program ethics in them. Think, a situation like the trolley dilemma, where a driver must choose ...

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