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Curtin students help regional communities

Remote communities in Western Australia will benefit from the volunteering efforts of more than 600 Curtin University students this month. Student volunteers will help run community projects at 38 different sites across the state as part of John Curtin weekend, ...

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RMIT academics stood down for dodgy ebooks

Four academics at a Melbourne university have been stood down after they allegedly “gouged” students, forcing them to buy unauthorised e-books in order to pass subjects. RMIT University says the School of Economics, Finance and Marketing academics have been stood ...

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New genetic clue in osteoporosis found

Scientists have discovered a gene strongly implicated in osteoporosis, raising hope of a potential new treatment and early detection of the bone-thinning disease that is often caught too late. The gene called GPC6 is one of 153 new gene variants ...

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Researchers warn against gluten-free diets

Only a small proportion of Australians who claim to be gluten intolerant may actually display symptoms, say researchers. With a gluten-free diet linked to poor health, researchers at the University of Newcastle have warned of people changing their diet without ...

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SA echidna poo detectives needed

South Australians have been given a prickly assignment – to collect the poo and take photos of one of Australia’s most distinctive animals for a new study. Launched on Monday, the EchidnaCSI project by the University of Adelaide will investigate ...

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Quinoa is good for heart, say researchers

Australian researchers say they’ve proven that eating quinoa is good for the heart and recommend occasionally swapping a bowl of rice for the ancient grain. A small study published in journal Current Developments in Nutrition found the consumption of 50 ...

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