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On the move | August

YOUNG INNOVATOR AT USC Professor Ross Young has joined USC as its new deputy vice-chancellor (Research and Innovation).Young was previously the executive dean of the Faculty of Health at QUT. He said he was keen to amplify the impact of ...

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Strictly speaking | Genericide

The - cide suffix provides us with homicide, the most general word for killing another person, as well as specific types of killing that identify the person killed: fratricide (one’s brother or sister), patricide (one’s father), regicide (the king), suicide ...

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Strictly speaking | Sousveillance

The ever-increasing use of technology to monitor our daily activities – from CCTV cameras on every street to social media platforms such as Facebook and TikTok acquiring user data for marketing (or more sinister) purposes – has bred in us ...

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On the move | July

BRUNGS TO LEAD UNSW Professor Attila Brungs will move across town to become UNSW Sydney’s new President and Vice-Chancellor as of 31 January next year. Brungs, the current vice-chancellor and president of the University of Technology Sydney (UTS), will succeed ...

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