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When scientists met policymakers

They’re often perceived as being at odds with each other, but this week, top scientists and bureaucrats happily commingled. In Canberra for Science meets Policymakers, they collaborated on a 10-year plan for our country’s scientific and technological future. Dr Charlie Day from ...

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Universities “not rolling in gold”: IRU

Conor King, executive director of the Innovative Research Universities (IRU), wants the government to know that universities aren’t as cashed up as many assume. Also, he contends, the government’s other presumptions on which university funding plans are based are false. For example, although ...

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Postgrads speak up on sexual assault

Sexual assault and harassment on campus isn’t just the concern of vulnerable first-years. That’s why the Council of Australian Postgraduate Associations (CAPA), the peak body representing over 320,000 postgraduate students, has piped up. They’ve submitted 19 recommendations to the Human Rights Commission, ...

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