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Universities want proposed reforms changed

Australia's top universities are shaking their heads at the federal government's proposed reforms, saying they will lead to lower quality education. Group of Eight chair Margaret Gardner says the changes need "significant amendments". "We would have preferred a longer and ...

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Oxford, AstraZeneca resume vaccine trial

The University of Oxford has announced it is resuming a trial for a coronavirus vaccine it is developing with pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca, a move that comes days after the study was suspended following a reported side-effect in a UK patient. ...

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Scan of stars turns up no alien signs yet

Scientists have completed the broadest search to date for extraterrestrial civilisations by scanning roughly 10.3 million stars using a radio telescope in Australia but found nothing – not yet, at least. Seeking evidence of possible life beyond our solar system, ...

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British researchers design COVID death risk tool

British scientists have come up with a tool to help clinicians predict the risk of death among patients hospitalised with COVID-19. The researchers said the score enables “accurate stratification of patients” with the virus and added it could “guide clinician ...

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Oxford vaccine study paused after one illness

Late-stage studies of AstraZeneca's COVID-19 vaccine candidate are on temporary hold while the company investigates whether a patient suffered a serious side effect or if the illness had nothing to do with the shot. Australia has ordered 33 million doses ...

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Vaccine deal gets further shot in the arm

Coronavirus vaccines being developed by British and Queensland scientists could be available in Australia early next year under two deals struck by the federal government at a cost of $1.7 billion. Prime Minister Scott Morrison today announced free COVID-19 vaccines ...

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