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Retirement age raise could hurt health, economists warn

While some might assume that their health will deteriorate after they retire, they might instead face unexpected improvements across the board. And delaying retirement would mean postponing beneficial effects, researchers have warned. Australian and French economists cautioned against postponing pension ...

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Liberals pick ex-VC to replace Bishop

Former University of Notre Dame vice-chancellor Celia Hammond has been named the Liberal Party’s candidate in its safest seat in Western Australia. Hammond was pre-selected as the candidate for the blue-ribbon seat of Curtin at a meeting in Perth on ...

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Should world leaders’ grades be public property?

The definition of intelligence is complicated. Cambridge Dictionary defines it as ‘the ability to learn, understand, and make judgments or have opinions that are based on reason’, though, in psychology, when measured by IQ tests, it refers to the ability ...

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Study reveals big human footprint on Antarctica

The concept of an untouched frozen continent is melting as humans leave their mark on Antarctica. Research stations, waste sites, runways and tourist camps are taking over environmentally-sensitive areas, new research shows. Buildings cover more than 390,000 square metres of ...

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