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Qld blood cancer test a ‘game-changer’

Sufferers of a specific type of blood cancer could be spared gruelling chemotherapy regimes thanks to a new test developed in Queensland. The world-first tool helps predict how patients with a specific form of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma - known as Diffuse ...

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MOOCs making an impact: research

Those who sign up and complete MOOCs are getting a genuine return on their time and effort with new research indicating that almost three quarters report career benefits and nearly two thirds reporting educational benefits. An online survey of about ...

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Paroxetine found ineffective, possibly harmful

The re-examination of a study that initially found psychiatric drug paroxetine to be a safe and effective treatment for depression in adolescents, has concluded the treatments drug to be ineffective and associated with serious side effects A team of international researchers, led by ...

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Double cochlear implants improve grades: study

A study of primary school students with hearing loss has shown children with double cochlear implants performed much better in exams than kids with only one. The University of Melbourne study measured academic performance of 44 profoundly deaf 8-year-olds across Australia ...

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Only half of psychology studies replicated

An investigation into the reproducibility of results in psychology has found fewer than half of replications produce the same findings as the original study, regardless of the analytic method or criteria. Launched in 2012, the Reproducibility Project: Psychology was an international ...

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