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International students ‘jumping the queue’

More than 1000 international students have quietly been allowed to “jump the queue” and enter Australia during COVID-19, while 40,000 Aussies remain stranded overseas. Figures obtained by NCA NewsWire reveal the Australian Border Force Commissioner has granted 1050 foreign nationals ...

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Are $50k degrees finished? opinion

Right now, public policy and university innovation appear focused on micro-credentials. Micro-credentials bring an ability to deliver smaller collections of rapidly changing and emerging new knowledge to a growing learning community, whose commitment to formal qualifications, as a sole education ...

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Who Aussies trust after pandemic: ANU survey

COVID-19 has been a “shot in the arm” for confidence in the federal government, but Australians retain more trust in its state and territory equivalents, new analysis shows. Confidence in the federal government has almost doubled to 54.3 per cent ...

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On the move | January

FOURTEEN AND OUT After 14 years at the helm of James Cook University, Professor Sandra Harding will retire from the role in December 2021. Chancellor Bill Tweddell said the university has flourished under Harding’s leadership. “Revenue has doubled to over ...

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