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Victoria University star of the 2022 World Cup

New research by Victoria University to ensure offside decisions are accurate and time-sensitive has proven effective as the first 2022 World Cup game kicks off.  After three years of research, the 2022 Qatar World Cup features new video technology that assists referees to rule on offsides.  The ...

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‘Stop the restructures’: Fed uni set to strike

Staff at Federation University will be on the picket lines tomorrow over fair pay, job security and better working conditions after the union said management had been “purposely delaying” negotiations.  On Thursday, hundreds of staff and students from the Federation ...

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University of Sydney’s Safer Communities program

Student wellbeing is crucial to academic success, with students more likely to abandon their studies following distressing incidents. Here’s how the University of Sydney is creating a system for reporting trauma that is founded on human-centred design, and supports both ...

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ARC consultation papers released

Following the review of the Australian Research Council Act, the government is now seeking feedback from academics and researchers before its final report in March 2023. The consultation papers, open until mid-December, have identified nine major points to improve grant ...

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Jobs-ready graduate changes

Labor has pressed ahead in its redesign of the Job-ready graduates scheme, reversing fee hikes for honours students and introducing a new program to attract medical professionals into remote hospitals. Federal education minister Jason Clare introduced two new amendments to ...

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