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The 40:40:20

All things can be measured, especially your working life. The Secret Lecturer offers some satirical, and possibly sage, advice in an excerpt from the book, An Insider's Guide to Working in a Modern University. If you work at a modern university, ...

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Opinion: Let’s get standards compliance right

The extent to which Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) compliance is monitored has been an area of debate for many years. Between 2001-2011 the enhancement led audit by the Australian Universities Quality Agency (AUQA) placed less emphasis on institutional compliance with ...

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Opinion: The VET-FEE HELP buck stops with us

As the dust settles on the government’s proposed changes to Australia’s vocational loan scheme, VET-FEE HELP, we should be reminded of the need for proper consultation prior to broad reforms. By Jon Lang VET-FEE HELP, Australia’s vocational loans scheme, has ...

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Understand gender biases to tackle them: consultant

“Men favour men.” It’s a simple-sounding but complex concept that was explored by gender consultant Dr Mark Toner, at Campus Review’s Higher Equity Summit. Toner is chair of the Gender Equity Working Group of the Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering, and ...

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Melbourne Uni students to get drug test kits

Melbourne University students will be able to get free drug testing kits to check if their illicit party pills are what drug dealers say they are. The student union voted to buy and distribute the kits, after a number of ...

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