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3-dimensional argument

Realistic virtual worlds allow some unique advantages but not enough people are sold on them, for now. By Antonia Maiolo. Virtual worlds are fast emerging as the latest learning and social space for the most prestigious universities around the world, ...

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High-end education

UWS plans high-rise campus in Parramatta. By Dallas Bastian. With the commonwealth’s interest in Western Sydney increasing, the University of Western Sydney will be part of the urban development of one of the area’s major cities. UWS is building a ...

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Reading with robots

Libraries turn to automated retrieval to save time and space. By Dallas Bastian. Australian libraries are investing in a new system that saves space, reduces cost and simplifies borrowing. The library retrieval system (LRS) uses automated storage and retrieval. Items ...

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It’s hip to be postgrad

Advanced degrees just keep gaining in popularity and there is evidence they still help job prospects – for now. By Dallas Bastian. There has been huge growth in the number of people undertaking postgraduate studies as bachelor’s degrees lose value ...

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