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Yale students sue uni for frat culture

On behalf of fellow students in their position, Anna McNeil (20), Eliana Singer (19), and Ry Walker (20) have sued Yale University for its fraternities. In their claim lodged in court this month, the women (who study art history, political science, and ...

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Sexual harassment in STEM: Will time ever be up?

Since the Harvey Weinstein allegations were publicised in October last year, it seems the world has shifted. For the first time, women appear to be asserting their power over sexual harassers and abusers, and are being validated for doing so. Among the swathe ...

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A better deal for overseas students

The Australian Human Rights Commission is drawing up a list of minimum standards for the international education  sector writes Helen Szoke. Laurence Peters was an educationalist most famously known as the creator of the Peter Principle. His focus was on competency ...

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