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Hidden money

The competition for government funding is set to get even more fierce; Australian universities must learn to tap other sources more aggressively. By Greg Spinks. The release of the federal Budget on May 13 has created a watershed moment for ...

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Not so different after all

Science and business have more in common than some may want to admit. But it’s the differences that make collaboration worthwhile. By Merlin Crossley. In the 1950s, scientist and novelist C.P. Snow wrote a famous essay, “The Two Cultures”. He ...

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Uncap sub-bachelor programs, too

The early evidence suggests the demand-driven system is off to a good start but the ‘perverse’ incentive to underserve students who need more assistance should go. By Peter Dawkins. One of the initial steps of the Abbott Government in its ...

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Obstacle course

Universities today face a set of rapidly evolving challenges. Here’s how some experts on the sector want to address them. By Louis White. Research grants cut, Australian Government funding falling, up to two-thirds of students no longer attending lectures, rapidly ...

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Don’t be so rigid

Universities are going to have to be flexible to meet the demands of modern students and get the best out of staff. By John Dewar “The only man I know who behaves sensibly is my tailor; he takes my measurements ...

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