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Eating walnuts can reduce academic stress: study

Eating walnuts has proven to be effective in reducing academic stress, a new study by the University of South Australia says. The study, published in Nutrients in October 2022, suggests that consuming walnuts daily could promote overall-well being, counteract academic ...

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Is the new normal here to stay? – opinion

The ‘new normal’ has been explained away – suggesting that the changes that have occurred and reframed our working lives in particular are now normal. The term ‘new reality’ is probably more fitting as we stretch and yawn our way ...

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ANU Vice-chancellor named Group of Eight Chair

Australian National University vice-chancellor and Nobel Prize-winning astrophysicist Brian Schmidt has been appointed Chair of the Group of Eight. Professor Schmidt will start his two-year assignment on February 1st. “I look forward to working with all my colleagues to ensure ...

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Mixed staff reaction to SA uni merger deal

Plans to merge the University of Adelaide and the University of South Australia into a 'super university' in 2026 has both raised new prospects for research and drawn concerns around job security. The University of South Australia and the University ...

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