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STEM programs need HELP: Norton

Labor’s new higher education policy should not wipe the HELP debts of STEM graduates, a policy expert has claimed. In his mixed critique of Labor’s new policy, Andrew Norton, higher education program director at the Grattan Institute, said ridding 100,000 ...

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Labor unveils $2.5 billion higher-education plan

A Labor government would increase the number of students completing their university studies by 20,000 each year from 2018, as part the party’s new higher education policy worth more than $2.5 billion, education spokesman Kim Carr announced. Carr said that ...

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Overseas HECS debtors set to pay up

The federal government may soon begin recouping millions of dollars in unpaid HECS loans following the introduction of legislation that would force many overseas-based Australian graduates to make repayments. Under long debated existing laws, Australians living and working overseas are ...

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Australia loses ground in world rankings

Higher education sector leaders have blamed inadequate funding for the “concerning downward trend” of Australia’s international ranking in the annual Universitas 21 list. In the rankings, released last week, Australia is now 10th in the world. Singapore overtook Australia, which is down one spot from ninth in 2014 ...

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BUDGET: Cuts pay for research infrastructure

The federal government will pay for research infrastructure by taking $150 million from grants to other academic endeavours. Last year, the government gave the National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy a year's extra funding, tying the $150 million price tag to ...

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