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Please be more specific

What exactly constitutes a scholarly article isn’t nearly as straightforward as it should be – and that’s a costly problem. By Ralf Buckley Every modern civilisation relies on its universities. And governments count visible products – graduates and publications – ...

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ABC program may be driving reduced statin use

The ABC’s controversial program reporting that the benefits of reductase inhibitors – better known as statins – for heart disease were grossly overstated led to more than 60,000 Australians ceasing or reducing their use of the drugs, new research has ...

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Researchers draw blood to detect dementia

Proteins in blood may help detect if a person is suffering from dementia a decade before they experience troubling symptoms, scientists say. An American study involving more than 100 people found the level of protein was significantly different for healthy ...

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Study: Chimps can smile like humans

Chimpanzees have the same types of smiles as humans when laughing and do not even need to make a sound to be understood, according to a new study. Researchers from the University of Portsmouth say that chimpanzees’ communication is more ...

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Research: Risk culture pervades school playground

Risk anxiety amongst teachers and parents is invading the school playground and could lead to inactivity and boredom, a Charles Darwin University researcher is suggesting in a new report. International Graduate Centre of Education researcher and lecturer Dr Brendon Hyndman ...

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Lomborg searches for think tank host

Bjorn Lomborg has led the search for a home for his taxpayer-funded Australian think tank. The federal government decided more than a year ago it would help Lomborg set up a think tank based on the model used at his ...

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