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Australia divided on climate change causes

A majority of Australians agree climate change is happening, but their reason seems to depend on the political party they support. A five-year survey of almost 17,500 Australians by the CSIRO found that 78 per cent believed the earth’s climate ...

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Australian students need Asian studies: expert

Studying the languages and cultures of Australia’s neighbours must become an education priority, an expert has said. Dr Jane Orton, from the University of Melbourne Graduate School of Education said Australian students – throughout the whole spectrum of education – ...

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Cancer affects memory: research

Cancer sufferers are three times more likely to have memory loss than people without the disease, a new study has found. The impairment in cognitive function – memory, concentration and multi-tasking – for those with bowel cancer was the same ...

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Expert warns NSW deradicalisation plan won’t work

The NSW Government’s multimillion-dollar program to prevent radicalisation will backfire, a University of Sydney expert has warned. The Baird Government announced this week it plans to spend $47 million on combating extremism in schools. The program features training teachers and staff ...

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Public must be sold on reform’s benefits: Thomson

A recent federal government of higher education policy under the leadership of Malcolm Turnbull has injected optimism into the national debate but university leaders must bring the public with them in the push for reform. That was the message from Go8 chief executive ...

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Medical marijuana is already legal: researcher

Medical cannabis is already legal in Australia and has been for a while, a researcher from the University of Sydney has said. Clinical associate professor Nick Lintzeris, from USYD’s Lambert Initiative for research into cannabis-based therapeutics, said there is great ...

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