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Children’s reading skills improve as UQ academics train teachers

Professional learning delivered by academics to teachers in Queensland’s Bowen Basin has improved reading ability in the local schoolchildren. The project involved University of Queensland education experts instructing teachers in local communities. The academics showed the teachers techniques for reading education, and observed ...

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Quality early education isn’t available for all: report

One-third of children nationwide don’t attend enough preschool, leaving one-fifth of children, many from the poorest backgrounds, developmentally unprepared for school – a new report has found. Quality Early Education for All: Fostering creative, entrepreneurial, resilient and capable learners by ...

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Cameras and drones to spy on trees

If you had access to a nation-spanning network of cameras and drones, how would you use it? For one Australian National University scientist, the answer is to spy on trees. Dr Tim Brown, research fellow at ANU, has helped launch ...

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Two hours of sun a day helps keep the myopia away: research

Children need to spend two hours a day outdoors to combat the increasing risk of short-sightedness, new Queensland University of Techology-led research has found. Short-sightedness – otherwise known as myopia or nearsightedness – is caused when light received by the eye doesn’t focus directly ...

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