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What the Productivity Commission report says about our unis

Education experts have responded to last week’s Productivity Commission report, which makes a case for shifting the focus of universities towards improving teaching and student outcomes. Centre of Excellence for Equity in Higher Education director Professor Penny Jane Burke said ...

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IT isn’t the most in-demand job: report

Contrary to popular thought, it's construction, not coding, that's most in-demand by employers. The 2017 Soft Skills in Demand Report, released last week, revealed this surprising fact.  Report issuer JobGetter analysed 168,000 job ads across 54 industries before reaching this ...

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Graduates told they lack the skills for jobs

Concerning new research shows that 65 per cent of university graduates feel their education did not provide them with the skills necessary for the workforce, with many being turned away from employment. The Australian Job Seeker Report conducted by JobGetter ...

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Good Universities Guide results: explained

People looking to commence university studies next year would do well to check out the Good Universities Guide 2018, released yesterday. We've already laid out the main stats. But, to better understand the big data picture, we spoke to Ross White, head of ...

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Degree dump: latest attrition stats released

The who, where and why of higher education attrition have been revealed by the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA), the higher education regulator. Its report details the latest dropout rates (from 2014) for first-year students from 130 providers. The ...

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