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Poo Tube creator gets science communication gong

Honey and poo are an unlikely combination, but it was these substances, together with her communication skills, that won Dr Nural Cokcetin best young Australian science communicator. Cokcetin, a microbiologist and honey expert, clinched first prize at the national round ...

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IRU says demand-driven uni system working

On the fifth anniversary of the demand-driven university quota system, introduced by Julia Gillard’s Labor government, there are mixed feelings about its efficacy. On the one hand, Conor King, executive director of the Innovative Research Universities (IRU), claims it’s a ...

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Fish and microbeads study becomes fishier

Did you or someone you know shun microbeads, common in skin exfoliants, last year? If so, it was probably due to a widely-reported study, published in esteemed journal Science, that found these tiny plastic particles harmed damselfish larvae. Now, following ...

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