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Sliding into DMs: The academic and Twitter

Interesting to see how the findings from a Nature study mapped onto my previous research into academics’ use of social media https://t.co/BWKhJ6b6Kx — Deborah Lupton (@DALupton) January 29, 2018 Lupton’s Inception-like tweet of another academic’s tweet about social media is ...

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The uneconomic case for fine arts departments

Think of a famous sculpture. Are you picturing Michelangelo’s David or Rodin’s The Thinker? Or perhaps you’re more of a modernist, and you’re imagining Jeff Koons’ Balloon Dog or Maman by Louise Bourgeois. For art students, however, Alex Martinis Roe’s To Become ...

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Free university education: Kiwi feat or a red herring?

When Jacinda Ardern became New Zealand’s Prime Minister in October last year, many were surprised because of her youth, inexperience and femininity. Staunchly Labour, she moved quickly to enact her ‘progressive, anti-capitalist’ agenda. Among her reforms was making all forms of higher education ...

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Why teens are less groggy: Deakin

Did you know that Australia now boasts one of the lowest teen drinking rates in the developed world? Prior to 1999, however, the opposite was true. A key reason for the radical, relatively abrupt shift? According to a Deakin University study ...

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