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RMIT FactLab still not allowed to check for Meta

Tech giant Meta requires staff at RMIT University’s fact-checking unit to undergo mandatory training before reinstating its partnership with the troubled division. Last week, Melbourne-based RMIT FactLab cleared one hurdle when the US-based International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN) announced the restoration ...

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Strictly speaking | Retronym

Retronyms are newly coined words that remake or replace a pre-existing term in order to make room for innovations. For example, what has always been called “mail” (i.e. what comes in stamped envelopes to a street or postbox address), is ...

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Student athletes ‘Win Well’ beyond Brisbane 2032

The ‘Win Well Pledge', codesigned and signed by 51 sporting organisations and the Minister for Sport, allows high-performing Australian athletes and teams to challenge their performance goals with a culture prioritising care, integrity, fair play and pride.  The pledge spearheads ...

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How to budget on an unsteady income

Budgets aren’t only for people with regular pay cheques. When your income varies from month to month or even week to week, making and sticking to a budget is even more important. Follow these five steps to master fluctuating finances. ...

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