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Don’t get hung up on uni rankings, Clare says

Australia’s top universities have slid down the most recent world university rankings; however, experts say the popular rankings shouldn’t be the sole barometer of overall success. Times Higher Education (THE) published its 20th edition World University Rankings this year in ...

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Govt cracks down on ‘dodgy’ education agents

The federal government has announced major changes are underway to combat the rorting of international student visas and to better protect students. Christine Nixon AO delivered a Rapid Review into the Exploitation of Australia’s Visa System (Nixon Review) to address ...

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Strictly speaking | Pyrocene

Geological time involves glacial – or even slower – change, so the rapid shifts in the terminology used to label our current era feel anomalous. The term anthropocene was first coined in 2000 to designate the period of primarily human ...

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Macquarie’s free Voice Referendum microcredential

Macquarie University has developed a free online microcredential to help Australians make an informed decision when voting in the Australian Indigenous Voice ‘The Voice' 2023 Referendum.  Prime Minister Anthony Albanese announced The Voice Referendum on 30 July 2022, and all ...

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Strictly speaking | Telegamy

On first encounter, telegamy one might think it refers to TV gaming. But put alongside its nearest relatives in English (monogamy, bigamy, polygamy) its meaning begins to emerge – as a particular kind ofmarriage, albeit not one made in a ...

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