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Gender pay gap decreasing for graduates

The pay gap between men and women coming out of university is decreasing, but still remains significant. That’s the summary of a new report looking into financial outcomes of university graduates. Female graduates are expected to earn 27 per cent ...

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Why universities need to measure the stakeholder experience

Attracting students both domestically and internationally is essential to the ongoing success of Australian universities. However, competition is fierce, not just within Australia but from global and online providers alike. Consequently, universities are looking to leverage any competitive advantage they ...

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Gillard talks ‘glass labyrinth’ at uni lecture

The move towards gender equality in leadership positions is occurring at a “glacial” pace, former prime minister Julia Gillard says. Gillard says problems remain across politics, business and in the media with women still having to contend with stereotypes that ...

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Sydney University added to NSW heritage register

Australia’s oldest university, the University of Sydney, will be granted heritage status after several years of campaigning. The university’s Camperdown campus, with its original neo-Gothic sandstone quadrangle and Great Tower buildings, its colleges and adjoining Victoria Park have been approved ...

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