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First heatwave recorded in Antarctica

Antarctica has experienced its first heatwave, with scientists fearing the long-term damage it could have on plants, animals and ecosystems. Extreme maximum and minimum temperatures were recorded over January 23 to 26 at Casey research station in Antarctica's east, ticking ...

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RMIT, ABC expose fake coronavirus stories

Lot of sex kills conornavirus. A factory in Footscray is hoarding grocery items. A Stanford University breath test will tell you if you have COVID-19. These are the types of stories about COVID-19 that RMIT ABC Fact Check’s new coronavirus ...

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Tackling IT challenges amid campus closures: opinion

With Australian universities facing the prospect of closure as a result of the growing COVID-19 crisis, management and staff are actively reviewing their ability to deliver services remotely. Rather than sitting in crowded lecture theatres or attending group discussions, students ...

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COVID-19 vaccine could be ready by 2021

A coronavirus vaccine could be trialled on people as soon as June, with hopes it could be available for use by 2021. Researchers at the University of Queensland, The Doherty Institute and CSIRO have been working around the clock since ...

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