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Platypus decline underestimated: study

The decline in platypus numbers has likely been underestimated, according to research from the University of NSW. The study, which examined data on the species from the past 258 years and compared it with recent data, was published in Global ...

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Should Australians need a licence to parent?

Parental licensing has long been mulled over by academic philosophers and political scientists, but a social work researcher says the idea is fraught with problems. James Cook University’s Dr Frank Ainsworth reviewed international studies on parental licensing – the idea ...

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Helping universities compete for the best young minds

University funding is complex. More often than not, universities face funding policies that reflect historical arrangements and national politics rather than forward-looking strategies and principles. According to the Grattan Institute1, international students are now the biggest source of revenue for ...

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Strictly speaking | Gammon

Britain’s agonising over Brexit has spawned a lot of new vocabulary. One of the most evocative of these words is gammon, used to describe “white men of a certain age who become pink in the face when working themselves into ...

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Identification fears at Queensland Hanban protests

Some international students held back from protesting against a controversial Chinese education program at an elite Australian university for fear of being identified by authorities in their home country, students say. Protesters on Wednesday called for the University of Queensland’s ...

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