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Getting back up after a disaster

Lessons have been learnt after the Queensland floods with IT managers looking at cloud computing and shared storage. Beverley Head reports. One in seven Australian businesses don’t spend a red cent on disaster recovery or business continuity, and more than ...

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IT chiefs tighten belts

Campuses are adapting to the lean times by networking and even sharing resources with nearby institutions. Large organisations across Australia will increase their IT budgets by just 1.9 per cent this year – a figure that won’t match inflation. The situation ...

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Putting on your best social face

Facebook will break the one billion-user barrier sometime in 2012. It already has more than 800 million people signed up and not surprisingly university populations are among the most enthusiastic adopters of Facebook and other social media tools. But the ...

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Collaborate, then celebrate

The Computer Society will oversee funding to help companies push ahead with research and development. By Beverley Head. The Australian Computer Society Foundation (ACSF) has been accepted as an eligible research organisation able to review and submit applications for the ...

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Death of distance

Long term reforms need to be less about introducing gadgets and gizmos to engage students, and more about a wholesale reform of the delivery of education and support for research writes Beverley Head. Within just five years it’s more than ...

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Education bodies back eLearning project

Innovation fund set up to help develop prototypes for open source learning system. By Beverley Head. A $200,000 eLearning Innovation Fund has been established to identify university developed e-learning projects that could, with a little more work and funding, be ...

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IPad program increases textbook use

University of Adelaide science needed a device for seamless access and the exchange of information so students could learn to educate themselves so they chose the iPad. The introduction of Apple iPads for all science undergraduates at the University of ...

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